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Classical Homeopathy

Born in the Eastern German city of Meissen in Saxony, the physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann founded homeopathy as a medicinal science more than 200 years ago. Key features of classical homeopathy are the individual treatment of each case of illness and the law of similars (Similia similibus curentur: Like can be healed with like, meaning that a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in a healthy person may cure similar symptoms in sick people). Therefore, a homeopathic doctor will assess each disease by a thorough process of questioning to evaluate the case history. The clinical picture of the patient is then compared to the toxicology or pharmacological description of a specific homeopathic remedy (drug picture). The more similar the two are, the better the self-healing process results are expected to be with the administered homeopathic remedy.

New patients with chronic diseases need to undergo a detailed interview prior to the actual treatment (first consultation and history-taking. See questionnaire under “Downloads”).This is a lengthy, but very helpful process. In acute cases or emergencies, however, homeopathy has proven to provide quick relief.

Classical homeopathy is a comprehensive therapeutic system and aims to treat the broad range of symptoms. . Homeopathic remedies are recognized and proven medicinal substances. They are derived from plants, minerals, metals and also from animal materials.

In the preparation of homeopathic remedies special procedures (dilution and potentiation) are applied. The higher the rate of potency, the more intense the effect.

What does “healing” mean in homeopathy?

“The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health … … annihilation of the disease in the shortest, most reliable, unopposed way …”
§2 Organon Hahnemann.

Healing means for a surgeon to restore the physical integrity. For an internist healing means the normalisation of body functions. In homeopathy, the “disease” is assessed in all its dimensions – mentally, physically and spiritually. Every mental state takes on material form to a negative state of mind and may cause negative feelings that urge for expression and realization. Due to its negative nature, illnesses often materialise in peptic ulcers, heart disease, cancer, anxiety, infections, etc. Patient are therefore often not the innocent “victim” of their illness but active contributors to their medical problem.

Homeopathy cures similarities with similarities.

Telehomöopathie - Praxis Kölsch


Telehomeopathy refers to the homeopathic remote treatment of patients. As so-called “talking medicine”, homeopathy is particularly well-suited for remote treatment as via the Internet (e-mail, Skype) or via telephone. If your trip to the office is too long or you are bedridden, you can get treatment from a distance at any time. Especially for new patients and for long-term treatments telehomeopathy applies: Please consult with your primary care physician and get it authorized to communicate with me, because without accompanying physical examination, a telehomeopathic treatment may not succeed.

If you have basic interest in telehomeopathic treatment please give me a call. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to fill out the form below. It gives you the directions and shows you what you possibly still need to do prior to a telehomeopathic treatment.

Babywunsch Homöopathie - Praxis Kölsch

Children / Desire to have Children

My own five children and my numerous young patients have given me a lot of experience in the treatment of different diseases but also in learning how to better care for adolescents. Acute diseases, a painful hematoma, chronic cough or hay fever and much more can be successfully treated by means of classical homeopathy. Important to the success is the trust in the doctor and the associated willingness of the kids who seek treatment. Caring for children gives me a lot of joy. However, children sometimes feel it difficult to trust someone new. To develop trust with them usually takes time and patience.

The cause of infertility is often an internal imbalance. In light of the holistic treatment approach this can be treated very well with classical homeopathy. Whether deliberately treated or as a resulting side effect of a homeopathic treatment, many of my patients were happily able to announce the birth of long-awaited offspring. In some cases the homeopathic treatment was accompanying the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Sportmedizin Homöoopathie - Praxis Monika Kölsch

Sports Medicine

Providing responsible medical support for professional athletes is a difficult task: On the one hand, constant performance pressure may increase the risk of permanent injury, on the other hand minimal downtime is required. To provide outstanding achievements in sports is both a matter of physical and mental strength. Of course, classical homeopathy cannot heal a broken leg but it can significantly contribute to strengthen the athlete’s targeted mental attitude and thus minimize the risk of serious injury in the first place, or it can accelerate the healing process. Classical homeopathy also provides a valuable service in the company of a conventional medical therapy and may contribute to shortening downtime and optimise the physical and mental constitution of the athlete. I excel particularly in this area due to my knowledge in both conventional medicine and homeopathy. Therefore, numerous athletes of different disciplines have been entrusted to my care.

Schönheit Homöopathie - Praxis Kölsch


What does beauty have to do with homeopathy, many people wonder. Quite a bit, because the assessment of their own beauty decides in many ways how people feel they are integrated into society. To that extent, it is natural to compare one’s appearance with others. True beauty comes from the inside, therefore, the treatment depends largely on the patient’s inner balance. The holistic treatment approach of homeopathy can provide valuable services. A person with a positive habit is able to capture the attention of others and radiates inner beauty. As a mirror of the soul, the skin looks healthier and thus more beautiful than that of people who are plagued by fears, doubts and inner conflict. And if in spite of a positive quality and beautiful skin, you still find yourself wanting to minimize laughter or age wrinkles, I can help you by providing autohemotherapy:

The extraction and re-injection of a small amount of your own blood, after thorough medical, can minimise wrinkles in the face. The stabilised blood is recovered by a centrifuge of the body’s plasma and activates tired skin to eliminate unwanted bumps in the short term. The treatment is effective because the body’s own materials are used. This is well tolerated and pain-free by applying a numbing ointment. The effect usually lasts for one to two years.

This method is also very good to treat hair loss. Since the regeneration of hair follicles are stimulated by their own material introduced.

Should irregularities in the blood occur or we are unable to use this method, I recommend the supplementary injections with hyaluronic acid, a substance produced by the body at an early age in sufficient quantities itself. Unevenness can be smoothed again after one to two years.

Treatment with blood and Hyaluron are homeopathy compatible. Details of the treatment is shown here:

with blood
• with Hyaluron